Research Study 2
lead by University of Wisconsin-Madison

Development and Validation of a Comprehensive Employment Outcome Measure


The purpose of this study is to develop and validate a comprehensive employment outcome measure for employers and other stakeholders to track employment outcomes and employment quality of individuals with disabilities. Employment outcomes will include hiring, retention, workplace integration, career advancement, and quality of employment. This study will begin in the Exploration and Discovery stage (Phase I & II) and then move into the Intervention Development stage (Phase III).


The utilization of a Delphi method, process to develop and validation of the comprehensive employment outcome measure and subsequent case studies is an Intervention Development process. Conducting a Delphi method, and harnessing the findings of the Delphi component to direct the evaluation of existing systems and creation of a new system consistent with employer practices, and conducting case studies as a component of the validation of the intervention provides a grounded, theory-driven, participatory approach to development of an intervention that is both valid and useful for employers.. Building upon existing measurement systems, but with the knowledge of employer practices and needs as well as utilizing a case study approach to validate the measure are essential components for Intervention Development and address the research questions for this project.