Plain Language Summaries

  Resource Topic Year Formats
Details Investigating Understandings of Employment Practices for Persons with Disabilities. (2020). Employment Research 2020
Details Post-Secondary Apprenticeships for Youth: Follow-up Case Studies. (2019). Collaboration with State and Local Agencies 2019
Details The Power of the Employment Specialist: Skills that Impact Outcomes. (2019). Supported Employment 2019
Details Perspectives of Employers about Hiring Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Evaluating a cohort of employers engaged in a job-readiness initiative. (2019). Recruiting and Hiring People with Disabilities 2019
Details Barriers in Accommodation Process among Individuals with Visual Impairments. (2019). Accommodations 2019
Details Legislation and Other Legal Issues Relevant in Choosing to Partner with a Service Dog in the Workplace. (2019). Accommodations 2019
Details Employers’ perspectives of including young people with disabilities in the workforce, disability disclosure and providing accommodations. (2019). Accommodations 2019
Details Predictors of Employer Attitudes Toward Blind Employees, Revisited. (2019). Barriers & Facilitators to Employment 2019
Details Conversations on Conversions: Family Perspectives on Pathways to Integrated Employment for Individuals with Severe Disabilities. (2019). Employment Research 2019
Details Evaluating the Differential Impact of Interventions to Promote Self-Determination and Goal Attainment for Transition-Age Youth with Intellectual Disabilities. (2019). Self-Determination 2019
Details Why Should Employers be Interested in Hiring People with Mental Illness? A Review for Occupational Therapists. (2019). Discrimination 2019
Details Factors Associated with Employer Hiring Decisions Regarding People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision. (2019). Barriers & Facilitators to Employment 2019
Details Barriers and Facilitators to Employment as Reported by People with Physical Disabilities: An Across Disablity Type Analysis. (2019). Barriers & Facilitators to Employment 2019
Details Assessing Disability Inclusion Climate in the Workplace: A Brief Report. (2019). Recruiting and Hiring People with Disabilities 2019
Details Employer Views of Customized Employment: A Focus Group Analysis. (2019). Customized Employment 2019
Details Toward Competitive Employment for Persons with Intellectual and Development Disabilities: What Progress Have We Made and Where Do We Need to Go. (2018). Employment Research 2018
Details Partners in Employment: Building Strong Coalitions to Facilitate Systems Change for Youth and Young Adults. (2018). Employer Partnerships 2018
Details The Diversity Partners Project: Multi-Systemic Knowledge Translation and Business Engagement Strategies to Improve Employment of People with Disabilities. (2018). Employment Research 2018
Details Employment Goals and Settings: Effects of Individual and Systemic Factors. (2018). Employment Research 2018
Details Making the Cut When Applying for Jobs Online. (2018). Accommodations 2018
Details Disclosing Disability in the Employment Setting: Perspectives from Workers with Multiple Sclerosis. (2018). Multiple Sclerosis 2018
Details Defining Customized Employment as an Evidence-Based Practice: The Results of a Focus Group Study. (2018). Customized Employment 2018
Details Vocational Rehabilitation and Business Relations: Preliminary Indicators of State VR Agency Capacity. (2018). Vocational Rehabilitation 2018
Details Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder Achieving Long-Term Employment Success: A Retrospective Review of Employment Retention and Intervention. (2018). Job Retention 2018