Plain Language Summaries

  Resource Topic Year Formats
Details Predictors of Employer Attitudes Toward Blind Employees, Revisited. (2019). Barriers & Facilitators to Employment 2019
Details Conversations on Conversions: Family Perspectives on Pathways to Integrated Employment for Individuals with Severe Disabilities. (2019). Employment Research 2019
Details Evaluating the Differential Impact of Interventions to Promote Self-Determination and Goal Attainment for Transition-Age Youth with Intellectual Disabilities. (2019). Self-Determination 2019
Details Why Should Employers be Interested in Hiring People with Mental Illness? A Review for Occupational Therapists. (2019). Discrimination 2019
Details Factors Associated with Employer Hiring Decisions Regarding People Who are Blind or Have Low Vision. (2019). Barriers & Facilitators to Employment 2019
Details Barriers and Facilitators to Employment as Reported by People with Physical Disabilities: An Across Disablity Type Analysis. (2019). Barriers & Facilitators to Employment 2019
Details Assessing Disability Inclusion Climate in the Workplace: A Brief Report. (2019). Recruiting and Hiring People with Disabilities 2019
Details Employer Views of Customized Employment: A Focus Group Analysis. (2019). Customized Employment 2019
Details Toward Competitive Employment for Persons with Intellectual and Development Disabilities: What Progress Have We Made and Where Do We Need to Go. (2018). Employment Research 2018
Details Partners in Employment: Building Strong Coalitions to Facilitate Systems Change for Youth and Young Adults. (2018). Employer Partnerships 2018
Details The Diversity Partners Project: Multi-Systemic Knowledge Translation and Business Engagement Strategies to Improve Employment of People with Disabilities. (2018). Employment Research 2018
Details Employment Goals and Settings: Effects of Individual and Systemic Factors. (2018). Employment Research 2018
Details Making the Cut When Applying for Jobs Online. (2018). Accommodations 2018
Details Disclosing Disability in the Employment Setting: Perspectives from Workers with Multiple Sclerosis. (2018). Multiple Sclerosis 2018
Details Defining Customized Employment as an Evidence-Based Practice: The Results of a Focus Group Study. (2018). Customized Employment 2018
Details Vocational Rehabilitation and Business Relations: Preliminary Indicators of State VR Agency Capacity. (2018). Vocational Rehabilitation 2018
Details Employees with Autism Spectrum Disorder Achieving Long-Term Employment Success: A Retrospective Review of Employment Retention and Intervention. (2018). Job Retention 2018