Documentary Video

Documentary Videos

  • The Forerunners, a documentary film produced by Sean Jourdan, Fong Chan, Elizabeth Cardoso, and Patrick Maher, touches upon the lives of individuals with disabilities who work in technology-based fields, encouraging students with disabilities to pursue knowledge in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine(STEMM) disciplines, while emphasizing the inherent strengths related to those disabilities that can translate to valuable skills in the professional work. The Forerunners was funded with a grant from the Minority-Disability (MIND) Alliance in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine at Hunter College - City University of New York.
  • The ADAAA and the ADA Job Accommodations videos are produced by Brian T. McMahon, Fong Chan, Sean Jourdan, and Cayte Anderson with support from a Wisconsin Medicare Infrastructure (MIG) grant. These videos are based on a decade of research documenting the most common objections of employers to the employment of Americans with disabilities. Dr. McMahon (screenplay and narrator), a national expert in ADA, presents hard facts that counter each employer objection. The results provide employers with the information in terms of how to comply with ADA or the ADA Amendments Act, but also how to go beyond compliance and reap the economic and public relations rewards that result from employing Americans with disabilities. In a common sense business approach, the videos lay out the "business case" for joining the burgeoning community of American businesses who have benefited from moving beyond basic compliance. This is not an educational video, but a "business to business" guide of how to benefit from the real facts regarding disability and employment. This is a two part, professionally produced and award winning presentation of the "how and "why" of utilizing this significant labor market resource.