Stigmas of Disabilities

People with disabilities face many challenges when it comes to getting hired. Those challenges, quite often, have less to do with their disability than how others perceive their abilities to be successful employees. To better understand employers' attitudes toward people with disabilities, 180 employers and employees in hiring positions participated in a study

Disability Etiquette

When it comes to establishing positive relationships with any individual, having a level of etiquette when communicating with a person is important. This postcard highlights some of the etiquette tips in communicating with individuals with disabilities.

Disability Tax Credits and Deductions: Benefits for Businesses Employing People with Disabilities

Businesses that accommodate individuals with disabilities are eligible for certain tax credits and deductions. This postcard highlights a few of these benefits.

Disability Employment by the Numbers: Statistics of Disability Employment Disparity

This postcard shows the labor force participation rate of individuals with disabilities compared to individuals without disabilities. The statistics illustrate the disparity of employment for individuals with disabilities in the U.S.

Key Employment Terms: Frequent Phrases Employers Should Know

When it comes to the hiring and employment of people with disabilities, here are some terms and phrases with which employers should familiarize themselves.

Laws of Disability Employment: Key Laws and Terms that Employers Should Know

It is important for all employers to understand what is required of them by law. Check out some of the laws and key terms that relate to disability employment that employers should know.

The Power of the Employment Specialist: Skills that Impact Employment Outcomes

A competent and commited employment specialist can greatly impact the employment outcomes of the individuals with disabilities they serve. Find out the rules these individuals should follow to increase positive outcomes.

Hiring Individuals with Autism: Employer Suggestions for a More Inclusive Workplace

A 12-week program with Employers and Individuals with Autism was recently conducted to show employers the value of hiring people with ASD. The employers came away from the program with some suggestions for other employers.

Making the Cut with Online Hiring: Tips to Creating an Inclusive Application

Studies revealed that many online processes are unintentionally inaccessible to people with disabilities.

Legislation and Other Legal Issues Relevant in Choosing to Partner with a Service Dog in the Workplace

When considering a service dog for work, both the employee and employer should look at the legal hurdles and concerns that have come about for others.

Assessing Disability Inclusion Climate in the Workplace

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, only 19% of companies in the U.S. reported employing people with disabilities.